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No Indemnity, Preventative Care plus additional Benefits, Local & Nationwide Network of Providers, Set Rates – starting as low as $119-month, Pharmacy Benefits, Emergency / Urgent Care with Advantage Plan, and ACA-Compliant.

Take control of your employees health with our Elan Essential and Advantage (Minimum Essential Coverage) plans – while easily managing your healthcare costs.

Our Essential and Advantage plan options are designed to be affordable and provide great benefits.

  • Quality Health Coverage for Less – Affordable options with 100% coverage on preventive services when using network providers.
  • More than a Preventative Care Plan,– plans include Primary Care & Specialist Visits, Outpatient X-ray & Labs, and Specialized Testing plus Emergency Room and Urgent Care benefits with the Advantage plan.
  • Pharmacy Benefits – 100% coverage on preventive prescriptions and drug discounts on all medications, when not covered under a plan.
  • Local and Stateside Networks: Access a large network of providers without the hassle of submitting reimbursement claims.
  • EVAC Basic – Emergency Coverage – 24/7 Air Ambulance covered 100% with $2M USD in emergency medical coverage for life threatening emergencies. With EVAC, we cover air transport, emergency medical, and aftercare treatment. Which could potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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