About Us

About Us

Winning by doing what's right

We are your partner in health and wellness, 24/7.
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About Elan

With More Than 25 Years Of Combined Experience

We are your partner in health and wellness, 24/7.
  • At Elan, we’re more than a health benefits company.
  • We are your partner in total health and wellness.
  • And we’re here for you 24/7.

Our Motto

“Winning by Doing What’s Right”

ELAN is a group of companies headquartered in Miami collaborating to bring competitive, cutting-edge health benefit products to the marketplace.

Our Mission

Service – Value – Product – Excellence – Relationships – Profit

Providing our clients with personable and reliable service while exponentially expanding the value proposition of our clients’ businesses. We provide our clients with Level Funded ASO options to serve their specific needs by offering the most profitable choices in the market through excellent client-centered service. All while building and nourishing relationships with our clients and the local community.

Our Approach

Consultative – We Analyze / Propose / Adapt / Execute / Measure

Analyze the best offerings on the market and propose the most advantageous options to our clients. We quickly adapt to the rapidly changing market to serve our client’s needs while executing with excellence and always measuring results towards better, and innovative services.

We Highly Value – Proactive – Effective – Trust Building – Communications

We maintain a relationship based on trust with our clients built on our excellent service, transparency, and accountability through the free-flow of accurate and constant information amongst our team and our clients. Always executing proactive efforts towards our clients’ needs and achieving quick and effective results.

We constantly strive towards Innovation and Improvement

Always having our clients’ best interest, we operate in unison towards adapting and innovating ELAN’s offering to better serve the client and the local community’s needs.

We leverage Speed as a Competitive Advantage

ELAN cherishes the value of time and demonstrates it by delivering speedy and accurate services and information to our clients, members, and each other.

We know the power of Dates

A date is a promise and we keep our promises.