MEC Plans

MEC Plans

Benefits you can afford

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans are low-cost health benefit solutions that provide members access to wellness and preventive care.

What is Minimum Essential Coverage?

  • Quality Health Coverage for Less – Affordable options with 100% coverage on preventive services when using network providers.
  • More than a Preventative Care Plan – plans include Primary Care & Specialist Visits, Outpatient X-ray & Labs, and Specialized Testing plus Emergency Room and Urgent Care benefits with the Advantage plan.
  • Pharmacy Benefits – 100% coverage on preventive prescriptions and drug discounts on all medications, when not covered under a plan.
  • Local and Stateside Networks – Access a large network of providers without the hassle of submitting reimbursement claims.
  • EVAC Basic – Emergency Coverage – 24/7 Air Ambulance covered 100% with $2M USD in emergency medical coverage for life threatening emergencies.
  • No medical underwriting required
  • No deductibles or coinsurance
  • Family plans available
  • No pre-existing conditions exclusions
Elan created plans to meet the needs of members and their families. Our team can help you find coverage that suits you and keeps your family happy too!

Why Elan?



  • Personalized Service: Local Sales and Service Team
  • Comprehensive: All Plans are ACA Compliant
  • World Class Partnerships: Odyssey Re, A.M. Best, Aetna’s National Network, & Express Scripts, to name a few


  • Odyssey Re: Reinsured by an “A+” rated company
  • Aetna’s National Network: Access to more than 1M providers, 8,000 hospitals, and 500 Centers of Excellence in the U.S.
  • Express Scripts: Pharmacy benefits managed by one of the Top 3 pharmacy administrators in the U.S.

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