A.M. Best Reaffirms Elan’s B+ Rating

A.M. Best Reaffirms Elan’s B+ Rating

As everyone knows, the Islands had two major storms in 2017 that impacted everyone’s business – including Elan’s. Despite those storms, our company’s operating performance and financial strength weathered those calamities well, and A.M. Best reaffirmed Elan’s B+ rating! We’re very pleased with this as B+ is the highest rating a single-territory insurer can receive.

In addition, A.M. Best affirmed the positive Financial Strength and Credit Ratings to ELAN and Balance Sheet and capitalization levels are strong and more than adequate to meet company obligations and fund future company growth.
With our business strong despite the challenges presented by last year’s storms, we look forward to serving the Islands for many, many years to come.

About Elan

ELAN Insurance USVI, Inc. is the only locally-owned and operated health insurance company in the Virgin Islands. By combining local service with global resources, Elan is able to bring high-quality health insurance choices to the Islands that others can’t match. In addition to group health plans, Elan offers evacUSA, a unique catastrophic insurance product that provides 24/7 air ambulance transport with $2M in medical care. Visit www.elan.insure to learn more.