Elan Insurance Group Launches Elan Vital Accident Coverage (EVAC)

Elan Insurance Group Launches Elan Vital Accident Coverage (EVAC)

CORAL GABLES, Florida—ELAN Insurance USVI, Inc. launches an emergency medical care insurance program, Elan Vital Accident Coverage (EVAC), on the island of Anguilla. The program offers residents of Anguilla emergency, inpatient care and immediate after-care to treat life-threatening injuries and illnesses while coordinating with your air ambulance membership for transport. The program is offered to individuals as well as employer groups through exclusive agents, Ira Richardson & Donald Curtis, in Anguilla.
“EVAC is an essential product that provides Anguillans the peace of mind that they are covered in case of a health emergency. Our program provides medical coverage up to US$2,000,000 at an affordable cost starting at $69 per month,” said Omar Haedo, Founder and President of ELAN Insurance Group.
The program doesn’t require copays and there are no preexisting conditions or age limits. The coverage includes medical services from Anguilla to Trauma Centers in the Caribbean and the USA . When an emergency arises, the coverage coordinates with your air ambulance membership company to dispatch an aircraft and a crew of paramedics which immediately focus on stabilizing the patient inflight. Based on the medical condition, the patient is then transported to the nearest trauma or medical center where they will receive emergency medical services, inpatient care, and immediate after-care services. For life threatening, sudden and serious conditions, the EVAC medical coverage takes care of the rest.
“EVAC was developed resultant to the needs and concerns we’ve heard directly from Anguillans. It’s a unique product that is not offered by any other insurance company and I’m confident it will make an important positive impact the community,” said Haedo.