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Your health plan is made up of an extensive network of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and other health care providers in Puerto Rico.

Ask for HIMA Health Concierge by calling 1-877-577-5773, 24/7.

Over 400 physicians representing specialties and subspecialties in both adult and pediatric and Six centers of excellence specializing in Neuroscience, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Burn, Oncology, Pediatrics, and Minimal Invasive Robotic Surgery.

Toll-Free: 1-866-368-6060 with care coordinators available 24/7 and offices in St. Thomas and Saint Croix.


Specializing in Cardiology, Breast & Imaging Center, Maternity, Urology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Neurology, Gastro-enterology, Oncology Services, D’Mujer Center, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, and Wound Care Center.


Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Call San Juan Capestrano Hospital at 787-760-0222, 24/7 for fully
confidential behavioral health and substance abuse services.

Call Concierge 787-727-1000 or 787-641-1919, ext. 4189,4190, 4489 or 4198, or email at


Major pediatric sub-specialties and women’s health through the Women’s Pavillion. For physician services in Metro Pavia and San Jorge and
Women’s Hospital, contact Customer Service to coordinate services.

You can find information on our network doctors, specialists, hospitals. and other medical facilities in the Virgin Islands, United States, and Puerto Rico by visiting