VI SmartCare Providers

VI SmartCare Providers

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Your health plan is made up of an extensive network of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and other health care providers nationwide.

Need care in the U.S. Virgin Islands?

Outpatient care (Physician, lab, X-rays and other providers)

VI Equicare

To search for in-network providers, visit: find-healthcare-provider

Inpatient Care (Hospitals)

Schneider Regional Medical Center

For Inpatient Care, you can schedule with your provider access at

Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital

For Inpatient Care, you can schedule with your provider access at

Need care in Puerto Rico?

Toll Free: 1-866-368-6060 available 24/7 and
offices in St. Thomas and Saint Croix.

Call Concierge 787-727-1000 or 787-641-1919, ext. 4189,4190,
4489 or 4198, or email at
Major pediatric sub-specialties and women’s health through the
Women’s Pavilion.
For physician services in Metro Pavia and San Jorge and Women’s
Hospital, contact Customer Service to coordinate services.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Call San Juan Capestrano Hospital at 787-760-0222, 24/7 for
fully confidential behavioral health and substance abuse

Need Outpatient Care and want to go Stateside?

Outpatient Care
(Physicians, Labs, X-rays, Imaging Centers and other providers)

We provide you access to 99% of providers stateside,
including physician and ancillary providers for outpatient care
stateside. Before scheduling appointments or receiving
services we recommend that you visit links below or call the
Connect Concierge to verify plan acceptance:
Partners Direct Health Networkhttps://
HealthSmart providershttps://

(Use the HealthSmart Physician/Ancillary Only Network)

Need Elective Inpatient Care or an Inpatient Surgical Procedure and want to go Stateside?

For non-emergency hospital services, call our Connect Concierge Team



Our Concierge will coordinate the services you need. If your health issue isn’t an emergency, knowing where to go for medical care may save
you time and money. You have choices when it comes to accessing non-emergency care! It is very important that you do not coordinate services with providers without contacting our Concierge first. Once you receive confirmation from your Concierge Advisor, schedule an appointment with the
selected provider and get the care you need. 


Note: If services are not coordinated and approved by our Connect Concierge Team, services will not be covered by the Plan and you will be responsible for all costs.